Khaled Albanna

After spending his childhood in the kitchen alongside his mother in Amman, Jordan, Chef Khaled AlBanna acquired invaluable and unattainable cooking skills while also learning unique culinary traditions from a young age. He then ventured to the United States to attend college where he studied Civil Engineering at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. It was during this time when Khaled realized his true passion for culinary arts.

Khaled set foot on his new career and soon gained experience cooking in top-tier restaurants throughout Chicago, New York and Chattanooga. During this time Chef Khaled also pursued several business opportunities in order to better understand and impact the culinary industry. He lent his passion to developing food and beverage programs for opening restaurants.

Continuing his journey from Executive Chef overseeing Whiskey Thief and Whitebird Restaurant at The Edwin Hotel, Khaled is pursuing his goal of opening his own restaurant, Calliope. He looks forward to utilizing his knowledge and skills and ultimately creating unforgettable culinary experiences through sustainable, locally-sourced and relaxed dining. This Southern inspired Levantine cuisine restaurant will be located in Flora de Mel Meadery opening summer 2021.

Raven Humphrey

Raven grew up in a small town and then moved to Chattanooga at 18 and began her journey in the service world, working as a waitress, a bartender, and more. Always ready for a visit to the bright lights and the big city, Raven loves traveling and exploring new places and loves meeting new people and getting to know them. She has been from New York to Las Vegas and Paris to India, enjoying all of her travels, but always coming home to the Mountains of Tennessee.

Raven’s greatest journey thus far has been having and raising a Daughter. The past 11 years have been a challenge and a joy, and those who know her well say her daughter is a spitting image of her Mom, in looks, in style, and often in spirit. Whether working for clients or just having fun with friends, Raven has planned birthday parties, weddings, and even a few girls’ weekend trips. Although she has an eye for details whether big or small, in all planning, she is what we call a bit of a perfectionist. After having and raising a child, she is always prepared.

Raven has been in many bartending competitions and won people’s choice as well as 1st place and continues to grow her knowledge and passion for bartending. Raven is very passionate about the food and beverage industry and loves to eat amazing food and serving innovative cocktails.

Joi Mason

Joi is a local talent in the Chattanooga hospitality industry partnering with ambitious, like-minded professionals to launch Calliope Restaurant. Joi currently is the General Manager of Flora De Mel Meadery and is looking forward to cultivating a culture of her own. Miss Mason’s passion lies in the education of food, spirits, service and the excitement that ensues when all are intricately woven together.

Joi has honed her skills as a Sommelier over the course of opening 3 restaurants and has been featured in City Scope Magazine for her role in the development of The Whitebird Restaurant at the Edwin Hotel. She is proud to continue the development of chemistry with Chef Khaled Albanna to see what indulgences they can bring to our table!